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Funerals and Memorials
The pipes, the pipes are calling...
There is something in the sound of the bagpipes that evokes our deepest emotions when we hear it. The same sound can be either exhilarating or deeply moving depending upon what tune or tunes are being played. Over the years, I have had countless people tell me that they want the bagpipes played at their funeral, often requesting the tune Amazing Grace. It is gratifying to me when I am able to honor their last request by providing this service.

For a list of suggested tunes for funeral and memorial music, please see my Repertoire Page

Before the Service
The bagpiper may play outside the church to call mourners together for the service.

During the Service
The bagpiper can play a special piece during the service. If you would like to preserve a quieter and softer mood, the Scottish Smallpipes may be played. The Smallpipes are not as loud as the Highland Bagpipes and are ideal for meditations.

After the Service
The bagpiper may play outside the church as mourners are leaving the service.

When playing graveside, the bagpiper can play as the mourners arrive and until the deceased is carried to their final resting place. The family often requests a special tune, usually Amazing Grace, at some point during the graveside service. After the service as the mourners are moving back to their vehicles, the bagpiper can play Going Home and other soulful melodies.

Playing the bagpipes outside a church in Decatur, GA
Photo courtesy of Nutei Lalhmingmawii

The College Park Police Pipes and Drums at the Georgia State Capitol building on Peace Officer Memorial Day (May 15th).
Courtesy of Warren Bond Jr. and Warren Bond Photography